Dr. Suhail Albhaisi, PE – President


I am honored to serve as President for the 2018-2020 term,
during which Tri-State AAAEA celebrates its 13th annual
scholarship gala. On behalf of the Tri-State AAAEA leadership
— our Executive Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees —
thank you for your presence this evening. As we reflect back on
the past year, it was certainly one full of many successes.
We hosted a number of technical events with affiliate organizations,
and industry leaders to provide access to a multitude of
networks. Tri-State AAAEA recognizes the importance of
investing in students as the future of the engineering field and
related disciplines. As a result, six student scholarships were
awarded to aspiring engineers and architects in recognition of
their academic excellence.

In addition to that, we engage in a variety of outreach programs to promote engineering
education within local community school districts. For the last few years, Tri-State AAAEA
has conducted presentations on what engineers do and the variety of jobs they have which
included bridge project demonstrations to elementary, middle and high school students.
We take pride in sharing with you these crucial initiatives as we continue to develop
new engagement and outreach opportunities. For indeed, a professional organization is
only as strong as the commitment of its members to the organization’s success. With
that, I’m proud to have contributed while working alongside such exemplary leadership.
I have witnessed Tri-State AAAEA to come a long way from being a locally based chapter
to beyond its regional jurisdictions.
As we forge into 2020, we are eager to demonstrate our commitment to our members,
students and the industry at large by providing a platform for continued growth. Our
goals continue to be focused on the organizations heritage, while drawing on the
expertise of leading professionals in the engineering, architectural and IT fields. It takes
a collective effort to make an organization like ours to thrive and succeed. To that end, a
special thanks to our sponsors for your endorsement of this year’s scholarship gala and
your continued support and active participation. With all your support, let’s continue this
tradition of excellence by taking Tri-State AAAEA to the next level together.
We promise to host more great events this upcoming year and look forward to your