Scholarship Program

** Under Construction**

This scholarship has been established by the Tri-State Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects Chapter. The award is presented to undergraduate students or students attending graduate school in Engineering, Architecture or Computer Science.
The main objective is to promote Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science and to foster stronger ties between the AAAEA and the community at large.
The recipient will be recognized at the annual event of The Tri-State AAAEA and is required to accept the award in person.

Eligibility Requirements

The AAAEA scholarship is available to students who are attending or planning to attend an accredited four year College or University in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut or are residents of the same states attending college elsewhere in the Country. Winners from previous years are not eligible.

Application Instructions

The applicant must complete the AAAEA scholarship award application which consists of items A through E listed below. Items B and C shall be an original copies in a sealed envelope by their originator.
A. The Application Form.
B. A certified college transcript indicating course grades and cumulative grade point average.
C. A letter of recommendation written by a faculty member or a registered professional engineer or an architect or a computer science professional recognized by the Scholarship Committee Members.
D. An adequate description of the applicant’s extracurricular activities. The description should highlight relevant work experience, publications, participation in AAAEA, student/campus activities, involvement in community organizations or a combination of these.
E. Responses to all of the SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS. Responses should be provided as concise, well organized paragraphs of approximately three to five sentences.
F. If the selection committee decides to do so, applicants should be available for a personal or by phone interview with one or more members of the Scholarship Committee.